Container Caps have created a revolutionary Australian-made product, which not only protects your valuables, but extends the life of your shipping container storage too.

The main problem users face with traditional shipping container storage solutions is water damage. The original flat container roofs hold water and because of this, they have a tendency to rust and leak over time – causing damage to the content housed inside.

We have created a one-piece, moulded fibreglass roof shell, designed to withstand the harshest wet weather conditions. Our shipping container covers ensure your stored belongings remain in top condition.

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  • • High quality fibreglass cover construction
  • • Durable, lightweight & reusable
  • • Non corrosive and maintenance free
  • • Easy to fit and no construction required
  • • Has no joins, cover fixes leaky roofs
  • • Solves any leaky container roof instantly
  • • Protection from condensation
  • • Shade cover insulates the container from direct heat
  • • Cover easily locks on to the container top
  • • Can be transported already assembled on the container
  • • Looks great & adds value to the container
  • • Australian designed and manufactured
  • • Available in various colours (Standard: white)
  • • Long lasting covers will outlast any shipping container life
  • • Water proof storage solution
  • • Alternative housing and cabin construction

Other Uses For Container Caps

Side lean to

Span between two containers

Stand-alone shade covers (maybe subject to council approval)